Hartland Mutual offers several different dwelling policies and homeowner packages that have been developed to fit your needs.

Depending on your policy type and coverage, you may qualify for discounts that will reduce your premium. Potential discounts are:

  1. New home discount of 10% for dwellings that are 10 years or less in age.
  2. All electric heat discount of 10%.
  3. Claim free discount of 15% after 5 consecutive loss free years.
  4. High efficiency heating system discount of 10% for qualifying LP or natural gas furnaces.
  5. Location discount of 10% for policy holders located within 6 miles of an 8 rated town.
  6. Masonry or masonry veneer walls discount of 10%.
  7. Auto home discount of 10 % when vehicles are insured with Grinnell Mutual.

Whether you are living in town or in the country, farming or not farming, there are several endorsements available for your home, outbuildings, livestock or liability coverage. These are just a few of the many endorsements offered:

  1. HG/RC 86 Refrigerated Products Endorsement
  2. HG/RC/HM 319 Water Sewer Backup Coverage Endorsement
  3. HG/RC 320 Additional Coverage-Personal Property Endorsement
  4. HM89/HM88 Inflation Guard Endorsement
  5. PL 1031/GMRC 1031 Business Activity Endorsement
  6. PL 1946 Incidental Agricultural Activity Endorsement



City Homeowners

Dwelling I Policy
Our Dwelling I policy is used for property which is seasonal, vacant, or rented property. This is a basic named peril policy which excludes theft and vandalism coverage.
Dwelling Property Policy
Our Dwelling Property Policy is similar to the Dwelling I policy; however it does include theft and vandalism coverage. Again, this is a very basic policy and is suited for the individual requesting or qualifying for only the basic named perils of insurance coverage.
HG2--Homeguard Broad Form Policy
Our Homeguard policy expands coverage to meet our homeowners' needs regarding their insurance coverage. This policy is widely used for homeowners and fits the needs of most policyholders.
HG3--Homeguard Special Form Policy
This is our top of the line policy for our city homeowners. Our underwriting guidelines determine whether a home will qualify for this elite policy. It contains many additional coverages and special limit coverages that exceed the other policies.
HG4--Homeguard Contents Broad Form Policy
This policy is designed for the individual that needs coverage only for personal property and personal liability. This is a popular policy for those individuals renting an apartment or dwelling and only needing coverage for their own personal belongings. The Personal Liability is part of the package which will give them necessary liability coverage as well.
HG5--Home Guard Comprehensive Form Policy
HG6--Homeguard Unit-Owners Form Policy
This policy is offered to the condomimium owner. As condomimiums are becoming more and more popular, this policy is one for the future. This policy will cover the insured's personal property as well as the interior of their condominium. Personal Liability coverage as well as additional coverages available will form a package to suit the needs of this insured.
HG9--Homeguard Broad Form--Property Only
This policy follows the same format as the HG2; however this policy does not include Personal Liability. Often times the insured will have another policy in place for liability coverage and does not have the need for a packaged policy such as the HG2.
Personal Liability
With most of our city homeowner polices, a personal liability policy is included in the package. When not included, we can attach the liability policy that fits your needs. Liability protection on your property is very important to protect yourself and your assets as well.

Rural Homeowners

Rural Property Coverage
When involved in a farming operation there are many things to consider when purchasing insurance coverage. We offer everything from insurance on your livestock to insuring your machinery, outbuildings, farm tools and equipment. We also offer Livestock Mortality Insurance for those high value animals that need extended peril coverage. One of our agents will be able to put together a package for you to assure that you will have the coverage in place when disaster strikes.
Basic Rural Dwelling Policy
This policy was developed for the insured who owns property in the country that either requests or qualifies for only the basic coverages offerde by Hartland Mutual. This policy is available at actual cash value or at replacement cost coverage for your dwelling.
Custom Dwelling Policy
This policy is a step up from the basic policy offering additional perils to the policy. This policy is also available at actual cash value or replacement cost coverage for your dwelling in the country.
Commander Dwelling Policy
The Commander policy is our top of the line policy for rural homeowners. It offers many coverages and is offered to policy holders whose home meets the underwriting guidelines for this type of policy.
Personal and Rural Liability Protection
Unlike the city homeowner policies, the farm policies do not have a liability policy included in their policy. The reason for this is due to the many different types of liability coverage needed when living in the country. You may be an individual who lives in the country and not be involved in any farming operations or you may be a full time farmer or rancher. The liability needs for these risks vary considerably. We offer both personal and farm liability coverage for our rural policyholders and we will see that you get the policy that best suits your needs.


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