Your farm or ranch is not only your home, it is your way of life. Hartland Mutual has been protecting hard-working individuals like you for over 100 years. Let us provide you with the customized property/liability coverage you need to protect your home and business that you have strived to build.

Discounts available to save you money

Age of Home Discount
Save on your insurance based on your home's age of construction
Home/Auto Discount
Get a discount when you insure your home and auto with a Hartland Mutual agent
Energy Efficient Discount
Save based on the efficiency of your home's heating system
Protective Device Discount
You may get a discount if your home is protected by a qualifying security device
Masonry Discount
If your home is built with a masonry material (i.e. brick) you may qualify for a discount
Claim Free Discount
Earn a discount when you remain claim free
**Coverage and discounts may vary.


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